10 Romantic and affordable ways to surprise your groom on your wedding day


In between the rush of photos, guests, dancing, cake, and speeches, your wedding day can quickly fly past without you getting a chance to properly enjoy the moment as newlyweds. To make the day extra special and romantic, here are some affordable ways to show your new husband, just how much you love him…

1. Create a box of memories

On the morning of your wedding day, have a family member or someone in the bridal party give your groom a box of memories as soon as they wake up. Include a collection of meaningful photos, handwritten notes about why you can’t wait to marry them and little keepsakes you have included over the years. It’s sure to make your groom feel very special and show them just how much every moment together means to you.

2. A journal of 100 times you knew he was the one

In the lead up to your wedding, keep a journal of every time your partner made you feel like the luckiest person on earth. Highlighting how special you felt when he surprised you with dinner or looked after you when you were sick will make your groom know just how much you love and appreciate him.

3. Leave a letter in his suit jacket

While it’s not uncommon for couples to write each other letters to read the morning of the wedding, if it isn’t planned, it’s sure to bring an even more welcome surprise. The suit jacket is the very last thing your groom will put on before he leaves for the ceremony. Leaving him a note telling him how much you love him and can’t wait to see him standing at the altar is sure to have him smiling right when the nerves will really begin to kick in.

4. Create a short video and send it to him first thing in the morning

Using nothing more than the phone on your camera, create a video telling your partner how much they mean to you. You can be sneaky and visit the spot where you first met, the spot where you first kissed, where you first said I love you and where he proposed, telling the story of how each individual moment brought you to this day.

5. Have a message stitched into his clothing

Have short message stitched into the cuff of his shirt, the back of his tie or inside lining of his suit jacket. It can be as simple as ‘I love you’ or something cheeky that only your partner will understand. 

6. A love note given to him by the flower girl

Have your flower girl give your groom a note right before you walk down the aisle. He will be at his most nervous and most excited and this romantic gesture is one that he will remember forever. 

7. Surprise him with a boudoir album

Boudoir photo shoots have gained great popularity in recent times. While not for everyone, many brides love to surprise their husbands with some tasteful yet revealing photos of themselves to set the mood. Usually organised as a professional photo shoot at your home or in a studio, your man will no doubt feel incredibly lucky to be marrying you!

8. Have your bridesmaids send your man a surprise message

Once your bridesmaids are all dressed up and ready to go, take a photo of them with a sign saying “Just wait until you see her” and send it to your man.

9. Surprise him with a wedding dance tribute

Together with your bridesmaids, pull together a short dance to a meaningful song to perform at the reception. Not only will it have your groom smiling, it also counts for great entertainment for the guests.

10. His favourite food as a midnight snack

With an evening full of thanking guests, dancing and speeches, the bride and groom rarely get the chance to sit down and eat a proper meal. Surprise your new husband with his favourite meal when you arrive at your hotel for the night. If you speak to room service ahead of time, it’s often not a problem to organise.