How do I tell my guests about my wedding registry?


If you’re wondering what's the best way to tell your guests about your wedding registry, you have come to the right place!

These days wedding registries are as common as wedding cakes, but it’s not unusual for couples to want some clarity on common etiquette and tips on how other couples are approaching the topic. The most common concern we hear is that couples don’t want their family and friends to feel like they are being asked for a gift. Put yourself in your guests shoes - would you ever attend a wedding without bringing a gift? Have you ever felt offended when you received a registry card or were you secretly a little relieved you wouldn't have to spend hours on the hunt for the perfect gift?

The best way to overcome any uncomfortableness is to follow a few simple guidelines that will ensure you and your guests are both left smiling...

1. Make sure your registry is easily accessible

Your registry shouldn't just be a means of ensuring you get the gifts you want, it should also make the gift giving process easier for your guests. There is nothing more frustrating for a guest than when a couple has registered with a small boutique that only has one store located an hour out of town. Make sure your registry is easily accessible and convenient for as many of your guests as possible. If you are going for traditional household items, consider including some gifts from a range of different stores or allowing your guests to contribute to your gifts online. Your guests will thank you for the convenience!

2. Ensure there is a gift that's suitable for every guest

If your entire registry consists entirely of high priced luxury items, there's a real chance it won’t be a positive experience for your guests. Make sure there are plenty of gifts available in a comfortable price range and also some that are slightly cheaper. Also make sure there are more gifts than there are guests so there is plenty of choices available. If you have an experience-based or high ticket item such as your honeymoon or a home renovation, use a registry that allows your guests to contribute as much cash as they like towards these gifts. This will ensure that your guests are kept super happy and you get exactly what you dreamed of! 

3. Choose your words wisely

Most couples choose to include their registry details with their invitation as it's the most convenient way to ensure all your guests have the correct details. This can either be a small additional card outlining the details of the registry or an extra sentence or two on the invitation itself. Couples who are putting a super modern spin on their weddings are even turning to private messages via social media. It doesn't matter how you choose to let your guests know, the most important thing is your choice of words. Offer the registry as an option, don't demand that your guests use it. Our favourite wording and the wording we use on our own registry cards is "If you wish to contribute to a gift you know we will love, we are registered with The Gift Aisle". Starting with 'if you wish' highlights to guests that the service is completely optional and is there for their convenience.

4. Be thankful

Thank you cards are a beautiful way to put a close to your wedding and make your guests feel appreciated. It's easy to forget that guests too have spent a lot of time and money planning for and attending your wedding. Sending a thank you card makes sure your guests know you value and appreciate that they attended your big day. If you have the time, try and personalise each thank you card for some extra brownie points! Why not even throw in a note about how much you love the gift they gave you? Tradition says that thank you cards can be sent out up to one year after the wedding but sending them while the wedding is still fresh in everyone's mind is sure to put a smile on everyone's face.